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SEND and Inclusion

Supporting every child with their different needs


Fellview is a child centered and inclusive school.  Everyone is committed to ensuring children with special educational needs get all the support they need to maximise their potential.  Our SENCO is Miss McElvogue who can be contacted on 01697478437.


We believe that:

All pupils, including those with SEN, should be valued equally and have their needs met;

It is our responsibility to maximize the attainment and progress of all children in school;

Provision for a child with SEN should match the nature of the need;

Parents' involvement is essential for pupils to achieve their full potential;

An inclusive education should be provided;

The views of the child should be sought and taken into account.


We have a SEN policy to ensure that:

We work within the framework of the DFE Code of Practice for children with SEN;

There is a shared understanding of the procedures established within school for children with SEN;

Everyone is aware of their own and others’ roles and responsibilities in relation to children with SEN;

Identification and provision for children with SEN is undertaken as quickly as possible;

Sufficient and appropriate support is made for children with SEN to ensure that they make measurable progress.


Please speak to us if you would like to discuss your child's needs.