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Fellview Primary School & Nursery

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Our Values and Ethos

Our school values are to learn, respect, enjoy and achieve - together.


We believe that academic achievement, although vitally important, is not the only way we should judge the progress of our pupils.


Our ethos is to create a happy learning environment and to teach children to mix easily with their peers and with adults, helping them recognise the satisfaction to be gained from collaborating with others.


We also believe it is essential that children learn to be independent, develop their self-esteem and take increasing responsibility for their own learning. 


We teach our pupils to be respectful of others, to value diversity of all kinds and to take responsibility for the immediate and wider environment. 


At Fellview, we aim to achieve this by offering all pupils equality of opportunity, by enriching their experience and understanding and by helping them recognise and counter discrimination and prejudice of all kinds.


Our culture is underpinned by clear principles:

  • setting high standards and goals for all
  • ensuring pupils take responsibility for their own learning
  • using a variety of effective and inspiring teaching strategies and effective feedback
  • providing excellent learning opportunities
  • working in close partnership with parents, carers and community
  • sharing and celebrating the successes of everyone in our school community


In an environment which is:

  • safe and nurturing
  • fun, exciting and purposeful
  • trusting respectful and inclusive
  • appropriately resourced and organised
  • accessible by the whole school and wider community


Please contact us to find out more about Fellview - a caring and committed school at the heart of the community.